MIAMI – February 13, 2018 – Plasencia Cigars, the leading producer of premium cigars and the largest producer of tobacco in Central America, was awarded 1st, 8th, and 9th place in three elite cigar rankings in 2017. The awards were conferred for their Alma Fuerte cigar, one of the company’s first brand-name cigars to be introduced to the market.

Every year, Cigar Snob, Cigar Journal, and Cigar Aficionado release their picks for the Top 25 Cigars of the Year. For 2017, Plasencia’s Alma Fuerte placed in the Top 10 for all three publications, earning the highly-coveted 1st Place in Cigar Snob. This high honor was awarded for their Alma Fuerte Nestor IV Toro cigar, which is a singular blend made with their best-aged tobaccos and grown in their highest quality soils, which accentuates the bold, rich, and intense flavors.

Alma Fuerte Generación V ranked 8th Place in Cigar Journal, where it was described as “a tangy box pressed Salomón with a nutty impact, subtle roasted aromas and slightly peppery mint. Its earthy and woody aromas increase during the smoke; likewise, the sweetness of dried fruit. Full-bodied and balanced.” Cigar Aficionado also ranked Alma Fuerte Generación V in 9th place stating that “The Generación V requires some time. Cigars of this shape normally take a while to warm up and begin steady combustion. But once it does, it rewards the smoker with layer upon layer of cocoa powder, leather, and toast.”

“Making it to these three Top 25 list is a challenge that not all producers are able to accomplish, and we are truly humbled and honored to have our Alma Fuerte rank among the top 10 in all of them,” said Nestor Plasencia, CEO of Plasencia Cigars. “The Alma Fuerte is one of our first brand-name cigars to be introduced to the market, and we are so grateful that it has been so well received by our consumers and those who enjoy a great cigar,” added Plasencia.

Unmistakably, the cornerstone of all Plasencia Cigar products is the unmatched high standard of quality and consistency developed over five generations. Years of struggle, uncertainty, and political turmoil gave the Plasencia family the opportunity to perfect the tobacco leaf throughout different regions and climates. All Alma Fuerte cigars are manufactured and hand-rolled in Nicaragua, at the Plasencia Cigar Factory in Estelí, where they are enveloped in a dark, oily Habano wrap. The cigar comes in three sizes: the box pressed Nestor IV, which measures 6 ¼ inches by 54 ring gauge; Generación V, a 7 x 58 box-pressed Salomón; and the hexagonally pressed Sixto II, a six-sided cigar at 6 x 60. The cigars come in a ten-count box that doubles as an ashtray once the top is removed.

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About Plasencia Cigars
The foundation for Plasencia Cigars began in 1865 when Eduardo Plasencia started growing tobacco in Cuba. Three decades later the business was expanded, and the Corojal Farm in Cuba’s Vuelta Abajo region was established. Since then, five generations of the Plasencia Family have been growing tobacco. They are greatly regarded in the industry as being one of the largest producers of first-class cigar tobacco in Nicaragua. Today, Plasencia Cigars manufactures more than 35 million handmade cigars per year, growing tobacco on 3,000 acres combined in several locations throughout Central America: four in Nicaragua, three in Honduras, one in Costa Rica, and one in Panama.


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